Rules clarification?

(Blackhart) #1

Just to clarify, as I went back and was re-reading the blog post with the rules- when the content states "As this contest is about creativity, please generate your own sounds – don’t just grab whole clips from somewhere on the internet." Does that mean creating your own foley from absolute scratch- e.g. going around with a microphone recording a ton of sounds brand new- or if you have a library of foley you use for production work already does it just mean using mixing software like Adobe Audition to tweak and combine multiple sounds into unique effects?

(Rybird) #2

I am just a user, don't make the rules but I would think the easiest definition is that no one can find the same sound anywhere else on the internet, that the sounds are exclusive to your project. They may be even more relaxed that that, but that seems reasonable for don't grab clips somewhere on the internet. So previously created sounds that have not been published or are tweaked to be unique would be game. So tweak away! :slight_smile: Hope that helps. Cheers, Ry


Both options work! Editing sounds you've found or foley work is ideal, as opposed to just grabbing a whole sound and calling it a day.