Sacrificial Altar (A rumble in the swamp) COMPLETED

(François Leroy) #1

My diorama is going to be an exterior : A swamp full of energy come directly from the Twisting Nether.
The energy is concentrated around a sacrificial altar owned by the burning legion.
This is actually my first draft and i think i will put in the right way :slight_smile:
Now let's do some sketches ! i will post them soon !

(Michael Calvert) #2

Nice, can't wait for the sketches. =)

(François Leroy) #3

Here it is the final sketch I use to start modeling, there will be many more detailed elements but it's a good start !
I will certainly draw each element separately when i'll need it, and post them.
Drawing inspired me and i can now update the story : i think it's not only a standard sacrificial altar owned by the legion but a real place where they did rituals and offerings.
I think my concept is more about their tribal cults and deep religious beliefs than their power.


That sketch looks beautiful, love the use of light! I can already envision it. Can't wait to see how it plays out!

(François Leroy) #5

Modeling modeling modeling !

(Harford) #6

Very cool already

(Phaedrus) #7

the concept looks awesome and the base model is already looking interesting cant wait to see the finished piece :slight_smile:

(François Leroy) #8

Modeling is almost finish ! now i must to model the dead tree and some demonic mushrooms !
After that, i think i could start sculpting !

front of the altar

I have model an hidden cave near the broken bridge, there is a mystery chest in

(François Leroy) #9

head sculpt !

(Andy Butnariu) #10

It's starting to look really amazing, awesome stuff, man.

(François Leroy) #11

Thanks a lot mates !

One of the two brazier in front the altar done !

can't wait to see some green fire burning the fireplace :slight_smile:

(François Leroy) #12

Altar sculpt wip

(Pear) #13

ooo this is gonna be good :smiley:

(François Leroy) #14

thank you mate !

my story progress with my work and i can already say this old sacrificial altar take place in Val'Sharah swamp, in a nightmarish zone corrupted by the Twisting Nether energy

(Paulchambers3d) #15

Always great to see folk's concept sketches. I think figuring out key use of light at the concept stage is very smart!

(François Leroy) #16

Thx ! Yes of course i think a concept will not be fully meaningful unless lights, it's essential.

(François Leroy) #17

Altar WIP 2, i've re-sculpt some parts :

(Utopiad) #18

Here we've got an upcoming piece of art, looking forward to see it finished!

(Chaitanyak) #19

this is stunning! i need to go back and add more detail to mine!
but seriously love the sculpting progress

(Pear) #20

that sculpt is delicious