Samsung Gear VR Headset

(Pat Lynam) #1

It it possible to view my 3D models using a Samsung Gear headset ? I downloaded the app and pressed VR. When I put on the Samsung gear headset it goes from the app. Is there any way around this that I can view my models ?

Many thanks.

(Jhnywalter) #2

I’m very interested in IrisVR, which is a software that converts 3D models (SketchUp, Rhino…) into virtual reality. I think it could be very helpful in the design process (for office work, not for student projects). However, a VR-ready computer samsung and a VR headset cost a lot, so I’m not sure if it’s worth buying them. Can anyone please share their experience of using IrisVR? Maybe upload a screenshot? How’s the quality compared to the scenes in SketchUp or Rhino?