Santa claus with sleigh

This is a Santa with Christmas presents on sleigh 3D model. This is a low poly model. It is made in Autodesk Maya 2018 and texturized with Arnold materials , iluminated and rendered in Arnold.

This model can be used for any type of work as: low poly or high poly project, videogame, render, video, animation, film…This is perfect to use it as decoration in a Christmas Scene or for a CHristmas postcard image with other christmas decoration that you could see in my profile too…

There are a lot of different type of present: with different colours,different sizes and forms. Also, all of them have an interior but there are someones that you could open too if you want. THere are two bags, one opened with presents inside and another one closed next to the Santa. Also , there are five deers with sleigh.

I hope you like it, if you have any doubt or any question about it contact me without any problem! I will help you as soon as possible, if you like it I will aprecciate if you could give your personal review! Thanks

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