Saving Private Ryan - Ramelle Bridge

(Will Dudley) #1

Hey folks,

I thought the scene from the final battle in Saving Private Ryan would make a great scene for this competition. I've made a start with some quick blocking out:

I'm going to try and create a pretty detailed version of the Panzer Tank and the Ural M-63 Motorbike which Captain Miller leans against at the end of the film. As there is a lot to do I'm hoping to cut down on the texturing required by going for an Overland or Lara Croft GO-esque art style.



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Nice WIP, can't wait to see more!

(Will Dudley) #3

Thanks very much!

Here's some new shots:

(Will Dudley) #4

I keep wasting time mucking around with lighting, but here's another update!

(Will Dudley) #5

Starting to panic a little now, there is just so much more to do!

(Will Dudley) #6

Trying out the Unity>Sketchfab exporter. That was too easy!

(Will Dudley) #7

Its starting to feel like a complete world now, especially on Google Cardboard with this playing:

(Will Dudley) #8


(Andrey) #9

Wow its beauty :astonished:

(Vrhuman) #10

Stunning amount of detail. This will look awesome!

(Will Dudley) #11

Cheers guys!

(Will Dudley) #12

Have finally come full circle and textured the tank, the first thing I made for this! It all feels very rushed :confused:

(Will Dudley) #13

On the home straight now!

Does anyone know why I'm getting shadows cast from some objects but not others?

(Will Dudley) #14

Also, I'm using the Unity>Sketchfab uploader. Is there a way of updating a previously uploaded file with this?

(Will Dudley) #15

I think I am going to have to call this done!

Best experienced when listening to either or or both!

Have really enjoyed this competition, and its been a great way to get to know the Sketchfab tool set more intimately. I only have a Google Cardboard to test out the VR, so if anyone has the chance to try this out on something a little beefier please let me know!

Thanks all!