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Saw - Bathroom Scene

(Barbeaulex) #1

Hey there !
I have been filp-flopping on what movie scene would be the best scale and time-wise, but I finally settled on the bathroom scene in the first Saw movie. I think the lighting is very interesting (although very blue) and the textures are very detailed. As I am currently very busy at work, I have no clue if I'll be able to finish, but I certainly intend to!

I am also not a character artist, so I'll probably be removing all the bodies/characters :slight_smile:
Good luck to all !

(CrisVonUnruh) #2

Try to go in a stylized way and insert those characters. I am not a good character artist either but chose the i dare ya scene from pulp fiction with jules, vincent and them boys.

For my comfort zone i want to leave them out but I want to push and improve myself in certain things so I have to make them too. Hyperrealistic is in that amount of time not possible but in a more stylized way why not

(Bart) #3

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We'll be in touch :slight_smile:

(Barbeaulex) #4

Small W.I.P. update :

Pretty much done with measuring everything, the metrics and blocking it out :

Also started some high poly work on some assets :

(Barbeaulex) #5

Quick upload of the first texture low poly prop. Got my High poly and Low poly models done, most UVs aswell. Gonna go on a texturing binge and hope it comes out on time !

by barbeaulex
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(Barbeaulex) #6

By the way, how do I correctly embed the sketchfab viewer into my forum posts? Thank you !

(Barbeaulex) #7

Quick preview of things to come...

(Barbeaulex) #8

Another quick asset. I think this is correctly embedded now :confounded:

(Barbeaulex) #9

Whelp, had a bigger day at work than expected today, so I won't be finishing in time seeing as there's roughly 10 minutes left. :cry: I will complete the scene fairly soon, probably over the weekend.

Good luck to all and good night ! :clap::clap::clap: