SBS Side by Side Format for Playback on 3D video Displays

(Hwr) #1

Does anyone know how to play back the content in SBS side by side format for display on 3D video displays?

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and input.

(Bart) #2

You can add ?cardboard=1 to the URL to force the cardboard mode which is side by side. Is that what you need?

(Hwr) #3

That is very helpful. It does split into left and right. But the image background is missing and replaced by a grid. And the controls are not working.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


(Hwr) #4

I am exhibiting my new 3d led display at the AAM Museum show next month. It would be wonderful to share some of the models to museum pros. But I need to find a way to show this in sbs which is what my 3d led display accepts.

(Bart) #5

Correct; in VR mode the backgrounds behave in a different way. You can control this to some extent in the 3D Editor's 'VR' tab. Which controls are you referring to? Simple 'tap to navigate' should work.

@nebulousflynn you might be interested in this too

(Relax) #6

We need HALF SBS mode for 3DTV-s, etc.
Is it hard to implement? Many 3D display users will be happy!