Scaling Sketchfab Model in Squarespace, project page


(Redaccordionstudio) #1

Hey folks, I have inserted a Sketchfab model into a project page within my Squarespace website but would like to scale it up. Unfortunately, I cannot use an embed block on project pages, except in the header, and not as one of the media inserts

If I use the embed code, pasted in the <> brackets, the model goes full page. If I just put the URL in, it scales at 640. I would like it to scale it up. My coding is not strong at all, so I have not been successful in my attempts to create my own Squarespace friendly code.

Here is my page, with the Sketchfab at the bottom. *Edit: I just used an embed block to put it also in the header. Not optimal, but it may have to do.




I’m not sure it’s possible to change the default height and width when you’re just pasting the URL.

If you’re copying the HTML embed code, you should see the height and width attributes that you can change.

(Redaccordionstudio) #3

Hi James - Thanks. The embed code only works in an embed block, which has limited availability in my template. If dropped in as a “video” it embeds but goes full page, with the dimensions having no effect.