Scammers on Sketchfab


(Patrick ) #1

I'm not sure if this is isolated to me, but today I received two scam messages through sketchfab. It never happened before, so I figured i'd report it.

The first is a comment on my model titled "Lady Gaga - 3D scan of a live performance":

"Hello My name is Mary, I have something very vital to disclose to you but i found it difficult to express myself here since it’s a public site, Could you please get back to me on the address: ( ) for more details about me and to see my pictures."

The second is an email I received at my email listed on Sketchfab, mentioning sketchfab itself:

"Hello new friend.
My name is Dr. Anita Johnson. I am from London UK, I am interested in you after going through your profile on, and i decided to contact you. I would like to get acquaint with you, As well to know you better. Please write me back through this email address

(Nate Sid) #2

I received the same message on one of my models (the "Helloy My name is Mary" one). Looks like both the message and account associated with it have since been deleted.

(Waner94) #3

The same happened to me today. I reported the comment, and they deleted it with the account.

(Bart) #4

Thanks for reporting, Patrick! I've deleted some spammers today, but I haven't been able to track that Lady Gaga comment. Would you happen to have a link for me?

Regarding the email you received - was that through our contact form? Please forward it to me at and I'll look into it.

(Patrick ) #5

Hey Bart,

I reported the comment through the report link, I think you deleted the comment and the account earlier today.

I forwarded you the email. I have my email listed in the "About" section on my profile, it wasn't through the contact form.

(Vlad) #6

Another one:
check coment from

the same scam pattern.

(Bart) #7

Cleaned up too, thanks!

(Lapin) #8

Hello friend.

My name is Dr.Anita Johnson. I am from London UK, I would like to get acquaint with you. Please contact me through my email address I will tell you more about me once i get your response to this address:[ ] for more details about me and to see my pictures.


(Bart) #9

I'm on it, sorry for the inconvenience!