Scaning the inside of an airplane

(Sebaassain) #1

Hi! I’m really new in this, I mean in forum discussions and in 3D scanning. Straightly to the point. I have a problem. I need to scan the inside of a really big aircraft and I only have my sense 3D Scanner. Is it possible? I have the built-in software and it allows only to scan male objects. Is it possible to use another free compatible software? Thanks in advance, and I wait for some response!

(Tetra Vision) #2

What do you need the scan for?
I would say the best possible solution for the inside of a plane is with a lidar scanner, eg. Faro focus.
You can rent these scanners, but you new a fair bit of experience to use the data afterwards.

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Photogrammetry would probably work too, but there’s not anything free that I think would process the hundreds of images you’d need to take…

I don’t think a sense scanner would manage it.

(Sebaassain) #4

Ok, I live in Argentina, so renting a LIDAR is not an option. Actually, I already did it with my scanner. I took as reference aircraft frames and floors and I made several scannings. Finally I put everything in a CATIA model and I get a fairly good model. Eavy but usefull, at least as reference.
Thanks for your suggestions!

(Nebulousflynn) #5

A clever solution - I did not think to scan everything separately and then re-combine :clap:

(Sebaassain) #6

Nice! Thanks! One advice to anyone that want to do the same. When scanning the wet surface of an aircraft is a good practice to put some protuding stickers in order to generate “references” for the scanner. Otherwise the scanner will get lost pretty quick.

(Nebulousflynn) #7

Would love to see the results of your work btw @sebaassain