Scene editor unstable

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Am I the only one experiencing unstable behaviour from the scene/model editor these days?

Yesterday one of the model’s AO texture panel became completely unresponsive - I could change the texture and all, but with no effect to the model. (unfortunately deleted that model already, had to re-upload to fix it)

And now one of the models can’t get past the loading screen:

link -

Yet another problem I am experiencing is similar to this old issue with shadow artefacts (on the same model above) - Artifacts with HDRI BG?

I have tried Chrome and Firefox on both Windows 10 and macOS machines, same problems across.

Apologies for mixing it all up in one topic.




I reprocessed that model and it loads correctly now.

Can you elaborate and share a link/screenshot of the shadow artifacts issue?

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Hi James,

Thanks a lot, it loads now.

In regards to the shadow issue:

here is a preview

The problem is on the same model -

If you rotate the light, on the side and underneath the object black stripes are creeping in.
While normals of the model are not ideal and might be a part of the issue, I am not getting anything alike in other rendering tools like Marmoset, Unity, Blender. Same problem also appears without any texture maps applied.



Adjusting the Shadow Bias of the shadows cast by the environment seems to help.

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It somewhat fixes it, thanks!