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Scene from Disney's Tangled

(Hong Zhihao) #1

Hey Folks, made this piece recently.

I remember when i watched Tangled, this scene left such a deep impression on me that i did not event remember them singing, i was just too captivated by those lanterns haha.

I hope my modelling and texturing did this scen justice.
I noticed that there are some additional mesh lying around somewhere, i guess i will let it pass, you most likely won't see it unless you zoom in and scrutinize the models :smiley: be like me, be captivated by the lanterns instead!

Hope you like it

Happy Birthday Rapunzel! (from Disney's Tangled) by HongZhihao on Sketchfab

(Ahurig) #2

Pretty nice work and scenery!

Did you try animating the lanterns? Like wiggle a bit their position to give the impression of flotation.

(Hong Zhihao) #3

Hi there! thanks!

Well i did think of it, but having the lanterns move while the characters are still as statues didn't feel very organic so i dropped the idea, Well i could animate the characters, but i guess i was lazy to haha, I am quite slow at animating.

(Ahurig) #4

haha ok :smile:

That's anyway a great work :wink:

(Hong Zhihao) #5

thanks again :smile: