Scene not working on mobile. Fine on PC browser

(Nuaire) #1

Hi all,

I have several problems which I haven’t come up against before.

The model below is not working on the mobile app.
If I log in and click on it in my profile it doesn’t load.

(I have not done any work on the lighting textures yet so ignore that it looks terrible.)

I have uploaded numerous model before without a problem

It’s not very high res at all (circa 200k triangles) and I have optimised it as much as I am happy to do so. Only standard non-deforming animations are used so nothing heavy there.

There are many models massively more complex than this one so I don’t understand why its not working.

I have uploaded it many times during the testing of this and can never get this working on mobile whatever I do.

I have even deleted the app and reinstalled but to no avail.

What’s going on?

The upload file was 20mb so again nothing gigantic.
I have other model on my other account with similar although admittedly slightly smaller file sizes.

(Shaderbytes) #2

Are you using armatures and bones…? it might have too many. There is a limit to how many bones may be used for models expected to work on mobile platforms.

If that is the case technically it should either load a static 360 like for a device that cant render the webgl or even just render the model as static and then display a visual prompt in the viewer stating there is a problem displaying the model properly on the current device, and state what that problem is exactly. So a developer is not left guessing what is wrong :wink:

But since I have no idea what is actually wrong myself im just grabbing at straws , you will have to wait for one of the sketchfab developers to respond to you and let you know what is happening.


(Paul Sketch) #3

It works here on mobiles.

Could you provide a screenshot of on your mobile ?

(Nuaire) #4

Hmmm. it seems to work after its published (and only then after quite a few minutes). But whilst in draft mode although it’s there to click on in my list of models I cant get to view the model at all.

I am using the app not a browser on my mobile (iPhone7)

(Paul Sketch) #5

You do not have a rendering/loading bug in the viewer, but in the listing of models ?
If the latter, and you meant the model is not listed on the mobile app page, it is the same problem/bug as in

(Nuaire) #6

Initially I had the high-poly filter option turned on in the app (didn’t know about that) so then it was visible to view in search results. After that I have found that if the model is still in draft stage (unpublished) then although I can see it in my uploaded models page I can’t view it in the app without publishing it. And even then it can take quite a while for it to actually work when you click on it.

I uploaded the same model twice, straight after each other to test this.
One I published and the other I didn’t.
The published one worked on my phone relatively quickly. The one left unpublished still wouldn’t work 30-40 minutes later.

Both can be viewed in my PC browser. just not on the mobile app.


Indeed, Draft models are not visible in the app at the moment.