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Scene-Root Materials

(Drag1c) #1

Whole day I'm trying to export SolidWorks assembly via SolidWorksToSketchfab Addon to Sketchfab, but im getting serious error with materials...
When i publish my 3D model, I don't have any materials in 3D Properties.
On Materials Tab, it's only says:
Scene - Root and when i press on it, there is no materials.

Before i had materials and i could edit my work here, but now I cant.
I tried with reinstaling addon and nothing changed. I also tried with older models, which i already uploaded and edited on SketchFab, it always says: "Scene - Root" for materials...

If u know how I can fix this, please, help.
Thanks :smile:

(Stephomi) #2

It should be fixed by now. Sorry for the inconvenience.