Scene too bright when viewed on iphone


(Keyser Soze) #1

My model shows well on my laptop but when viewed on my iPhone it is too bright and it is hard to see anything as everything is washed out.

(Vlad) #2

All models?
Will be better if you provide any link.


Shadows are not yet supported on iOS, so if shadows are key to your lighting, it will appear much brighter on iOS.

(Keyser Soze) #4

Thanks for letting me know, it kind of defeats the purpose of using sketchfab if it is not supported on ios, so many people have ios devices.

I have the program i used to produce this model that i can view on my iphone with shaddows, so it seems that sketchfab has the issue not ios.

I wanted to use sketchfab for vr model viewing for my customers, i guess in the end i will not be able to with these limitations?

Here is the model.

(Vlad) #5

Bake lights, shadows and ambient occlusion as textures.

(Keyser Soze) #6

Being a newbie I do not know what this means.


It's totally mostly supported on iOS, just not shadows. This is an artificial limitation imposed by Apple's implementation of WebGL on their devices, it's not a limitation of the hardware or Sketchfab :disappointed:

(Keyser Soze) #8

Thanks James, it cant be totally supported on ios and then on your next comment you say just not shadows?
So it is not totally supported on ios, if i was to use an iphone for vr without shadows it would be too bright.

Do you have a work around then?


Fair enough, edited my response.

The only workaround for now is to set up lighting in an iOS-ready way.