Sci-fi nade.First substance painter project


(Thechosenone) #1

This is my first substance painter project that i am happy and excited to work hard on it and see it come close to being finished.
I never managed to finish anything like this,adding textures and everything because i always tried to make something big,so now,for once...i tried something simple and small.

Always wanted to make something that looks really futuristic and to use a very cool and glossy metal :smile:
The textures are 2k here which is what i plan to use,it makes the file size 1GB! xD
It has 3 775 verts which is 7 463 tris...which i guess is kind of a lot? i want to make this a portfolio piece so i am trying my best to make it look super nice.

For the modeling i used everyones favourite...blender xD and cause i went with the standard sub-d workflow i easily used the non sub-d version for the low poly,of course with adjustments to make the vert count as minimal as possible.
The concept was done by the ever so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I say this in a funny way cause by my opinion having a already finished concept art makes the modeling part a lot easier,cause you dont have to think about the idea as much as you have to think about how you are going to model it.

The metal piece on the back is actually the safety pin,it is like that so a belt can go through it and around the rest of the nade pack.When the user wants to arm the grenade he has to put his thumb on the metal plate on the top while he is grabbing it as that will detach it from the pin and arm the grenade.When armed the user can switch the modes of the grenade by rotating the top metal cap,when both LED are there its a standard high explosive grenade,if the cap is rotated so one LED is covered its a anti personnel grenade that blasts those metal plates at the front.If both LED are coverd than its used as a breaching charge and all of the explosion is directed at the hole at the bot,like this the grenade can stick to surface for a easy door breaching.Thats why the rubber is there on the top,for a easy rotation of the top metal cap.The hinges on the back are used to open the nade up like a flower a moment before it explodes and showers the room with metal pieces.The small metal pieces on the side of the safety pin located above and below it are weights so when the nade is trown in anti-personnel mode it always rotates on its back so all of the metal pieces fly outward.

The textures are still WIP,i am still not sure about some materials used,and i still want to place a few decals on there just to make it that much better.
When i finish it i will use marmoset toolbag to properly present it on my artstation.

So what do you think? please do leave your comments and critiques on what you think about it and how could i improve it,as i do want to make this piece as good as i can.