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Scifi Character WIP

(Jeremy Laplatine) #1

Hi, My name is Jeremy and i'am a 3D artist.
This is my first WIP concept in sketchfab.
Maya/topogun/substance painter to made this.

6k poly and 13k tri, i just need to rig and pose this.
I hope you will enjoy this.

a screenshot :

Sketchfab file :

WIP: Scifi character by jeremy.laplatine on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #2

Wip means work in progress, this one looks like a finished model to me. Unless you plan to give her a robot armor or something on top.

But it's a nice purple lady, i quite like the rollerboots idea.

(Jeremy Laplatine) #3

I said WIP coz i'am already working on this model to posing, animate and i need to try some other type of texture.