Screen Space Reflections

(Cryunreal) #1

You need make screen space reflections. I hope you understood how this effect important.
You can use temporal algorythm for roughness reflections in static scenes, like Unreal Engine 4 and Marmoset Toolbag 2.

And you will can rendering hard scenes as interiors with lightmaps and realtime screen space reflections...
Also you need made boxprojection reflection probes with deferred blending for this.

(Paul Sketch) #2

We're thinking about how to enhance the rendering, but always considering mobile and low gpu device (most user are on intel GPU, which are already hard at work here...).
SSR is a very heavy and complex technique requiring lots of VRAM and GPU power.

(Cryunreal) #3

Sure, but it is not reason not do this effect))) You can turn off/on this effect depends on FPS (but it is bad solution)) )
Also you can made checkbox for this effect in runtime.
I am sure that you will find lot of good solutions.)

(Paul Sketch) #4

Note that I do agree that ssr is a very good quality enhancing rendering technique and would love to have it on sketchfab.

As said, very complex and very heavy specially for webgl, no mipmap of framebuffer in webgl1 for example, no while loop, no VRAM estimation possible, no control on user screen size, etc. It's much more challenging than a controlled envirronment like desktop opengl4 with all latest Feature and GPU.

( Remenber that you compare desktop engine with high end GPU to webgl with web browser users... )

So technically possible and very interesting, but technically very hard to get right and fast.... whereas it would concern a very small % userbase, plus it would need more UI, and more UI that need people understanding the feature (SSR explanation not that simple, plus explain the fps tax that follows)

And there's tons of other technical things to do that ends with higher priority because not having all those downsides :smile:

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