Screen Space Subsurface Scattering

(Cryunreal) #1

SSSSS! Ccccombo!))
This effect very important for skin.
Exactly Screen Space SSS makes realistic SSS effect for the top layer of skin.

I found good references for you)

(Paul Sketch) #2

We would be interested in Artist Side of the things;

  • What Tools does Export what kind of parameters/textures ?
    (Thickness Map ? sss color map ? etc.)
    Materials based on Maps/parameters artists doesn't bake/export or have control on are hard to render
    "Auto Bake" rarely satisfy artists :smile:

(Cryunreal) #3

Screen Space SSS is only about top level of skin (epidermis). This effect does not require a Thickness Map. But you definitely need a color map, because 1 material may consist of metal and skin
at the same time (for example monsters from doom 4)

If you need a Thickness Map, you can bake it as Ambient Occlusion with inverted normals of geometry. Also you can use V-Ray Dirt texture (the same effect as AO)

Then you can to finish this texture in Photoshop.)))

(Cryunreal) #4

Do you have a progress with SSSSS?

(Stephomi) #5

Not yet!

We currently have our hands full with other stuffs at the moment.
But subsurface is definitely something that we want to do.