Script won't start after install, attached error message


(Psyk0) #1

So i've reinstalled max 2010 x64 a while back but didnt install sketchfab plugin. It used to work fine in previous version of the script, now it won't even start after the install has been completed. Looks like i'm missing another one of those cryptic libraries or whatever. Any ideas welcomed.


Maybe @klaasnienhuis can help?

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Max 2010 is not supported because it lacks the necessary .net libraries.

(Psyk0) #4

Did it work at some point in its evolution? Or am i confusing with a max 9 plugin that i might have used before switching to 2010? Anyway thanks for the answer!

(Klaasnienhuis) #5

Yes, it probably has worked before. But especially the authentication and uploading needed to use the more recent version of 3dsMax.
I feel your pain though, if you're don't actually need the latest version of 3dsMax, why update? On the other hand, it makes it quite hard for developers like me to keep supporting 6 year old software. I'm sorry about this.