Sculpture from Ruiner

Hey guys, how have you been?
I have done a piece on my free time the main character from Ruiner game.
What you guys think?

Probably it would make better with a retopology and details in normal map, but I just wanted to sculpt something without getting too much work with technicals.

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Not bad, i think it would’ve been worth going into greater detail on the hard surface parts like the arms, gun, and helmet, but i think overall you did a great job, another tip is that the rivets and bevels on the helmet might look better if they were all slightly larger, we feel a little better in proportion to the areas that have no detail. Otherwise really good job, do you plan on doing Retopo and Texture?

Thank you for the kind words and tips!
I have been think about it to texture, but I will reallyyy need make the retopo because some parts the dynamesh ripped some details, specially on the helmet. I have another projects come along, but i definitely wanna come back in this piece :slight_smile: