Seamless Tiles / Textures

(Cc Rss) #1

I have quite a few cars I am wanting to upload on here,
just been playing around with some settings in the model editor which is really advanced I would say, some really cool features and settings,

but most of my work I always use tiled textures which are seamless, sorry if I have missed the settings, or this has been discussed before on here,

is there any plans to add this feature into the editor at all ?

Thanks Scott

(Shaderbytes) #2

there are no uv scaling tools in the editor currently. You will have to scale your uv manually in a 3d editor to get the same tiling effect on sketchfab

(Cc Rss) #3

Yes I thought about that, but sadly it would not work with my models,
I use alpha masks to isolate the diffuse and the seamless tiles on certain areas of my cars,
so mixed,

would be ok on vents and certain parts, but even then everything has AO maps also, so would loose some quality doing it this way, the UV are all nice scales, so maybe I can simply add some nice carbon into some parts and skins for the bodywork,

such a shame its not supported, its the only thing I feel it could do with,
and all my skinned mesh seems bugged also on my cables on the suspensions, but ill look into that as well,

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #4

you can have different uv map charts per material , you can also have mutiple uv map charts per material this will meet all your needs.

(Cc Rss) #5

Yes was just looking into setting this up now with UVW Map, ontop of Unwrap UVW, in the modifier stack,
testing just 1 material,

Can not see how it would work adding a second material,
for example I have a Chassis_D / Diffuse texture for bodywork yes,
inside this 1 diffuse in the alpha channel, I have a black and white mask, from 255/0, 255 shows the diffuse and 0 shows my second texture the “Detail_Maps” which is normally carbon or metal flakes ect,

not quite sure adding a second map how to add the second texture, I must be missing the trick somewhere,

I still wish to keep the UV the same scale just apply the detail on the second channel :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying

(Shaderbytes) #6

while you can have many uv charts per material , you can only have one texture per material channel property. So for example You can only have one texture for diffuse , but you can choose from how ever many uv charts you have to decide how the diffuse is mapped. Same for all other properties.

So for example you can scale one uv set and use that to tile a texture in diffuse, and you can have a unscaled uv set ( on the same material ) that you assign to the opacity texture property to mask the diffuse etc…

For example take this model im working on :

The main shoe material has 3 uv sets. One set i use for diffuse ( not scaled for tiling ), another set i use for the larger scales ( normal and ao, scaled for tiling) and then the last set I use on the clear coat for the finer grain. ( even larger scale for finer tiling )

If you have surfaces that need different diffuse textures , you can either atlas the textures ( if the materials will have the same properties ) or you need to have separate materials for each.

(Cc Rss) #7

Yes thats cool,

thanks for sharing the tips, works great, not quite sure the masking as of yet with the alpha,
maybe some layers in opacity set to the channels ?

but so far works great really pleased with the settings I have here :slight_smile:

Regards Scott

(Cc Rss) #8

Yes thanks for those tips,
I used it on maybe on around 10 areas, could not quite work out the masking of it to separate areas ect on the UV, but looks good for what it is,

Regards Scott

(Shaderbytes) #9

looks great :slight_smile: well done. transparent maps can either be read from black and white pixels ( you have to set the texture to use luminance for that ) or it can read the alpha channel of a texture ( then you set it to use alpha )

there are various options for how to use the transparency , blended , mask , dithered refraction etc…

Im sure if you keep playing around with it you will figure it out