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Seams on the model!

(Konstantin) #1

Hello, everyone!
I have the model of Moon, but having some troubles with UV-seams on it.

I made good edge padding for textures, but it doesnt help at all.
And, by the way, everything is great in Blender, where I made it. No seams and clear model!
Possibly, some problems with uv mapping, becouse when I set the extension type to “extend” in Blender, seams become invisible.
Already tried all the WrapT and WrapS modes…
But how can it be fixed here on Sketchfab?
Thank you for your attention.


It might be a limitation of the “extend” feature. I’m afraid I’m not that familiar with it.

The texture is a bit strange. It looks like the white areas are bleeding into the edges. Maybe you can adjust the UV mapping manually?

(Konstantin) #3

Not sure I understood you right.
There are no any bleeding) Take a look at my uv-mapping:

It`s edge padding made beyond the texture. It helps to defeat that seams in Blender.

(Shaderbytes) #4

sheez how big are those texutres , i wanted to load the scene and check it out and it is over 3 minutes and your textures still have not loaded… if you remove the normal/bump mapping do you still have the seams?

(Shaderbytes) #5

ok it finally loaded … i dont see any seams on my end?? what browser are you using …what GPU do you have?


I see the seams but I have to zoom in quite far.

(Konstantin) #7

The textures are 8192x6144pix. The seams are not super wide and its a little bit hard to find them. But they exist.
Here is screenshot.

I use Opera. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti

(Konstantin) #8

I tried to off the bump and then Diffuse. No result. Its visible either with only diffuse, or only bump.

(Dark Minaz) #9

if you look at your uv the left point and the right point have no padding to the outside

(Konstantin) #10

yes, but its seamless in that places. Do you think its becouse of that?
Its really may be right idea, bacouse i found just 2 seams on all the models. Possibly it may be…

(Konstantin) #11

But now I am looking and…hmmm. cant find the second seam.
Just the first one. Its on the initial view of model.

(Shaderbytes) #12

how many pixels is your padding?

The top and bottom and let/right that have no padding wont make seams because the texture will wrap so you wont get overflow of white from the mip mapping

(Shaderbytes) #13

it weird that james says he has to zoom in to see the seam , then it cant be a mip mapping issue … it must be something else

(Shaderbytes) #14

but anyway in the name of science it would be nice if you could test making your bleed greater and see if that fixes the issue

(Konstantin) #15

I also think so. But that seam is really strange) The padding is big enough: about 75pix

(Shaderbytes) #16

yes that is plenty … must be something else then

(Konstantin) #17

No. Its not logic. I have the same padding for every side and the seam is only from 1 side.

(Shaderbytes) #18

have you tried different filtering mode on the texture? bilinear, trilinear? etc…

(Konstantin) #19

I will try to find something similar in Blender one more time…maybe there are some strange issues with the texture.

(Konstantin) #20

Yes, i tried them all. And wrap modes too…