Searching animator for little project



I recently modeled a lamp from IKEA, its name is IKEA PS2014.

The model is more or less finished, only some touchups left to do, the only thing that really misses is an animation of the lamp opening up and closing again because the lamp is capable of doing that.

The problem is that I am really bad with animating stuff, that's why I am searching for somebody to lend me a hand there.

Here is what the model looks like closed and opened:

The model was made in blender, and the inside of the model is modeled after the IKEA manual, so it should be physically possible.

Is it even possible to animate this without having too much problems ?

If you think you could and want to do this or want some additional information, contact me.

(Juang3d) #2

Hey! the model looks really cool! Maybe I can help you with the animation, since I use Blender aswell. But I would need to know how the lamp works.
Stay cool.


First of all thank you for answering :smile:

Here's what the lamp looks like without the panels, closed:

And opened:

You pull the cords under the lamp, which raises the plate in the middle of the lamp, under the lightsource.

This has the lower ends of these orange... thingies attached, which have their hinges on the outside directly in the middle. To all the other ends of the orange things, the withe panels are attached.

If you didn't understand that at all, watch this, where the lamp can be seen in action: (turn down the volume, the music is terrible :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you think you can do this, just answer again and i will send you the .blend file.

(Juang3d) #4

Great! I don't see anything wrong in your model. What's the problem with the animation? The position of those "orange thingies" look nice like that. Is the animation between the closed and the open lamp what is having problem?


The problem is that I don't have an animation at all :grimacing:
I just don't know ho to do it, the seperate pictures are 2 entirely different models.

I'll just let you have a look at it:
IKEA PS 2014.blend

(Juang3d) #6

Aaah! hahaha... I understand. Cool. Thanks for the file. I'll work on it and I'll let you know how I did it (the basis of the animation).


Thanks a lot :blush:

(Juang3d) #8

You can find the model with the animation here:

I did the animation only for one column of the lamp. The rest (the other 9 columns work in the same way). I had to use something different, because the orange thingies were a bit weird (they didn't touch the upper and lower pieces of the lamp). But well... the important thing is that it works nice. :smile:
Hope you like it.


Wow thank you so much !

The animation looks crisp !

I will post the link to the uploaded model to sketchfab as soon as i get done with it.

(Juang3d) #10

Thanks! The animation has some fails (the orange thingies go trough the external pieces). But I think that it will work well if the orange thingies are improved (they don't touch the external parts). Looking forward to your uploaded model!


Not uploaded yet because sketchfab is having its problems with the model

Tried 4 or 5 different versions, some turned out the same, some never finished processing after I uploaded.
Will try more tomorrow

(Juang3d) #12

It looks really crazy! Why are there so many orange thingies duplicated? Let me try to upload the model that I have here...


There were some unnessecary array modifiers on this, I removed them but after removing them, sketchfab doesn't finish processing and gives up after ~40 mis, says upload failed.

(Juang3d) #14

Hi, @homomilk, I've made improvements in the skeleton, and I saw that there was an array modifier (that's the reason of those weird duplicates). Take a look how it works now:

Anim by JuanG3D on Sketchfab

I can send to you the new .blend file with the changes.


Lovely !

Just upload it by yourself, that should be enough :smile:

(Juang3d) #16

Nah, here you have it:
That's your model. Enjoy it! :smile:


Okay, thanks a lot :blush:

I published it here:

Thank you for all the help :smile:

(Juang3d) #18

You welcome. Great that I could help with the animation. Now the model looks very cool. Stay well.