Searching for Canadian Artist to start a business

Hi there everyone,

I’m looking to start a business using AR models bit I’m looking for a partner to build it. I’m currently a long distance truck driver and travel Canada and USA and have what I believe will be a really great business but lack the artistic skills to get it done.
I’m looking for someone to help by building models and those models will be rented to businesses for a monthly fee.
I’m hoping that I can find someone to create specific models and then I can sell them to the businesses.
I could purchase the models and do this all myself but I would rather collaborate with an artist as I think this could be quite lucrative.
So, if you’re Canadian and willing to put in a lot of effort as I am willing to put in money and effort, then lets talk and see if we can make a partnership.

Is this paid work? If so, I recommend you post it on our jobs board on Discord:

Thanks. It’s not paid right away. I’m looking for someone as a partner to start a business together. We both work for free till we’re profitable.