SED-99x: The Gnomic Anti-Burning Legion Weapon [COMPLETE]

(Admrodrigotm) #1

OMG! I feel so late. :worried:
But here we go. That's my first participation in a contest.
I'm a 3D student from Brazil and decided to participate to test my skills.

One thing that I like in World of Warcraft is that it's epic and sometimes comic.
So, I created a little fictional story that illustrate it. Here it is:

"A little gnome engineer named Grindspark is secretly researching over the years the benefits of engineering combined with magic.
With the imminent invasion of the Burning Legion , it seems that finally these studies will be worth it.
Adding a pinch of fel magic in his experiments, Grindspark created an invention able to shrink any living being as to make it imperceptible to human eyes.
The gnome turned it into a weapon and called it SED-99x.

Understand the naming of the newest invention of that ingenious gnome:

SED : Super Enemies Disintegrator
99: Number of prototypes created until the invention works
x : Grindspark thinks that sounds cool to place the letter "x" at the end of his inventions name. :sunglasses:

While it is a very dangerous weapon if it falls into the wrong hands, the leaders of the Alliance and the Horde know they will need all possible help to contain the Burning Legion.
Thus, it was decided that High Tinker Mekkatorque should bring together the best gnomes engineers to assist Grindspark to start mass production of the SED-99x."

Based on this fictional story, the idea is to make a comic diorama that illustrate the workshop/laboratory where Grindspark worked on the 99 prototypes until the creation of the SED-99x.

Some inspirations for that story:

"Over to the northeast, you'll find Engineer Grindspark, one of a new generation of brilliant gnomish minds. Why, he hasn't had an explosion in over three prototypes!"
- High Tinker Mekkatorque

"The problem with demons is that, once killed, they come right back in new bodies!"
- Kronk

(Dark Minaz) #2

nice someone who really puts some work behind his idea.
Digging the gnomish name. But 99 worked already? my teleporter still keeps messing up after 5 addons :smiley:
I think it needs to have gnome in it though, we all know goblins like to steal our inventions
so "Gnomish Engineering:SED-99x"

Highwarlock feardotcom and proud member of the gnomish engineering class of 2007 is looking forward to your designs.

(Michael Calvert) #3

You're not late! This sounds neat, looking forward to the sketches!


Love the lore! Looking forward to the sketches!

(Admrodrigotm) #5

Hey, guys, It's good to know that you like the story. I hope to not disappoint you in the next steps.

Well, to imagine how this workshop/laboratory would be, I had to create a little more about the fictional story.

"Grindspark's workshop/laboratory is underground. No one could know about his secret experiments, right?
So the access to the workshop/laboratory is through a secret elevator in his home.
Take the resulting trash of his research, like skeletons of little demons who served as guinea pigs, out of the house might raise suspicions. So, Grindspark also created a large incinerator in his workshop/laboratory."

The workshop/laboratory divided into four areas:
1. Research Area: There is a large table full of papers with many calculations and notes and a large blackboard with even more calculations and information;
2. Production area: This is where Grindspark puts into practice everything that was found in the research area. There are several machines and tools in this area. There is also the entrance to the elevator;
3. Area of ​​testing: In this area little demons serve as guinea pigs to test what was produced in the production area. Here is also incinerator entry;
4. Incinerator: Located below the testing area, there are some flamethrowers in this area that burn whatever is dropped in it. There are several useless parts and skeletons of small demons who served as guinea pigs.

Based on that, I started to do some sketchs:

(Admrodrigotm) #6

Well, here are some blockout progress.
The next step is to imagine more props that would help to tell the story.

(Bart) #7

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Admrodrigotm) #8

Finally done!
I almost didn't finish in time.

(Admrodrigotm) #9

My entry:

SED-99x: The Gnomic Anti-Burning Legion Weapon
by Rodrigo Tavares Marques
on Sketchfab

(Zachary Hixson) #10

Looks nice!

(Admrodrigotm) #11

Thank you! ^^