Seeing my models in the lists

(Dream33) #1

Hi, i got a nice email from you that one of my models:

Temple of Iseum - Szombathely by ArchaeoAir on Sketchfab

was one of the most viewed in the last week.

i got this link from you:

well i cant see my model in this list, nore can i see any models of mine in any list or categories. could you please look into that? oh and i clicked on the "Load more" button till the end of lists or categories...



Hi Oliver,

Nice model. Looks like it's over a week old now, so it won't appear on the Weekly list anymore.

You can still see it a few pages into the Monthly list:

(Andy lewis) #3

Oh yeah! Talking about the "Load more" button... smiley

I've found that, when I click on "Load more", it starts somewhere above the model in your view. Makes navigating big sets of models rather tiresome. Any chance you could have a set-up similar to Thingiverse, where the next page loads automatically as you get close to the bottom of the page and there are "page up" and "Go to top" buttons? Maybe it's just me but I find that way of browsing really convenient.




I think we used to have 'infinite scrolling' but it was turned off for one reason or another. @mauricesvay

(Mauricesvay) #5

Infinite scrolling is nice, except when you need to reach the footer. Our "Load more" behavior can probably improved, I agree. We'll think about it smile

(Andy lewis) #6

Thanks Maurice. It becomes especially important when you're showing off to a prospective client and can't get to the model you need in a hurry. Would probably help if I got in gear and used the folders as they were intended but I found it taxing to get my head round the setup.