Select different colors in viewer

(Tomvanzummeren) #1

Hello, this is probably a stupid question, but I recently came across this article containing a very nice 3D Model of the Tesla Model 3.

In the article they placed a screenshot of a red version of the car, but I cannot find a way to see it in the viewer, I can only see the black one. What am I missing? This is the 3D model I am talking about:

(Shaderbytes) #2

Hey there

I am the artist who created this model for Virtual Studio. The red version was updated to the current charcoal version so it is not possible to see it in the older format anymore.

I still have a version of the model in my personal account so I will see if I find a gap to set up a page where you can choose the body color soon. This is possible only as an external embed , meaning I will have to host the model on my domain. You cannot use the viewer API on sketchfab's domain.

Anyway here are some screenshots of the car with red paint ( different lighting to the virtual studio version ) and another different color :

(Tomvanzummeren) #3

Thank you for your reply! Amazing job you did on this model! I am a huge fan of this car and I made a reservation to be able to purchase my own. I will probably get it at the end of 2018 but I already couldn't wait to see how it looked in my driveway. Using your 3D model and Sketchfab's screenshot I managed to make a transparent screenshot tool in just the right angle to fit in in this photograph (including where I want to place the wall connector):

It would be so cool if you could make this available in more colors so I could see how other colors would look. Are you free to create any color you want? What about this recently leaked blue release candidate one? I think it's gorgeous.

Thank you in advance if you are in fact willing to make it available in another color! I would greatly appreciate that!

(Shaderbytes) #4

Awesome that you are in line to get such a cool car! Here is a page I created to change the body color and do a screenshot. Very rough but it works.

(Tomvanzummeren) #5

Wow!! This is absolutely amazing! Perfect! Thank you very very much!