(Maksw) #1

Hi there, first off - wow, this is the 3D site I've been wanting for a long time... well done everyone at Sketchfab, it was a total doddle to upload my game models and get great results from the viewer!

I have one question - I see shadow casting is available, but is it possible to get self-shadowing on the models themselves? I searched the forums but found though mention (but this was by no means an exhaustive look!). Thanks in advance!

(Stephomi) #2

Yes, currently everyhing is casting and receiving shadows.
You simply have to tell the lights to cast shadows.
You can also detach the lights from the camera if you want the light/shadows to be consistent when you rotate the camera.


Hi, thanks!

Here's an example:

Mining Camp by Emmanouel on Sketchfab

(Maksw) #4

Thanks stephomi - that's weird as I did try this. I must have missed something. Cheers!