Seller Aplication rejected and I don't know why

Hi I have a problem in that I have been applying to be a vendor on sketchfab for some time now, but I have been denied several times .The reasons are “Model(s) do not meet our technical criteria and some of the following may need further work: topology, UVs, optimized materials, thumbnails and titles” and I don’t know why. I have revised my models several times. I use “blender” to make models in which I use decimate to reduce the number of walls after finishing the model. Once I appealed the refusal then I received the message that I need to make more detailed models. So at first I removed all the models and then made ones that are scarce on the market. After that I once again sent the form about being a seller but still the same errors I receive and I do not know what to do next, if anyone knows please help because I already do not know what to do next. Below is the link to my portfolio

Hi @darkshen -

While I am not part of the Store Team or the Seller review process, a quick look at your model Panzer 38t shows that it uses 43 textures and 38 textures, which are both very high numbers!

I suggest you aim for as few materials and texure files as possible e.g. could you achieve good results with 5 or less materials and textures?

The model is also 400,000+ triangles - I suggest you aim for (at least) under 100,000 faces - the better optimised the better.

Hope that helps you a little!

Thanks for reply
Okay I’ll do it like this. But other models is correct and if my model has 400k walls is it automatically an error or what because if it is I would delete that model and make something else in its place?

I have been rejected for the second time, for the same objections. I am ready to change anything in my models but I first have to understand what.