Seller Application Rejected but i do not know why. Any Advice is appreciated

Hello there

i have been trying to apply for a seller account and got Rejected but even with the honestly very vague Reason:

“Model(s) do not meet our technical criteria and some of the following may need further work: topology, UVs, optimized materials, thumbnails and titles”

I could not pinpoint the Reason on whats wrong with my Models.

I also got Rejected before but i could understand the Reason afterwards after looking more closely at the seller Guidelines and Tipps but in this Case i thought that i managed to bring my Profile to a State where i could sell my 3D Models.

Now i would happily take any advice on what to Improve on my Profile but with this generic answer it comes off rather confusing and i am not the only one who thinks that looking at other similiar Forum Post i have seen.

My Profile:
Any Advice or Suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, i don’t really know why your application was rejected, but I am going to hazard a guess here and say its more then likely that you don’t have enough content on your account, and/or none prominent enough that sketchfab might consider up to standard.
Again that’s just a guess.
Did you try reference your rejection in a support ticked asking why on this occasion?

its funny, i literally just spotted this new article related to tips on what sells on sketchfab and I think some of the info here might very well help you strategize something better