Seller Application Rejection

Not too sure on the reason given for my rejection to the store

The stated reason was due to (Topology, UVs, optimized materials, thumbnails and titles)

However i dont understand this as i dont see any problems to do with this other than uv’s but my models arent textured so i doubt this could be the problem.

Hi, Thanks for reaching out!
I think the issue addressed is the fact some of your models have a particularly high sub-div level to fall under “low-poly” as pointed on the image below:

Since we had plenty of sellers using the low-poly category to bypass quality control in our review criteria, some extra considerations were taken.

My suggestions are:

  • learn about weight/averaged normals to apply to the models and shading on your next application

  • delete lights and cameras from all your .blend files so buyers dont need to uncheck them when importing assets with Unity or Unreal

I’m sure with the fixes above you’ll be approved soon :+1:
Kind Regards,

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