Seller request denied 2 times

I am trying to sell some of my weapon and explosives models:
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but have been denied (twice for that matter) for the following reason:

Model(s) do not meet our technical criteria and some of the following may need further work: topology, UVs, optimized materials, thumbnails and titles

This feedback is not direct at all, and yeah I know it’s not that great but I would at least like some specific reasons on how I can improve. I was at first rejected for too little models, but now because of they dont meet the “technical criteria”. If ayone can help with this issue, it would be super helpful


Please respond to the rejection email to get in touch with the Store team.

Done this,
However this rejection email was sent a while ago. I initially sent a direct message to support, with an answer of "Hi there,

Thanks for your message. I’ll pass this on to our Store team and ask someone to reach out to you with more details.


James Green
Product Specialist"
on october 28th. No one reached out about anything.

Hey, are you checking the same email associated with your sketchfab account?

We re-sent and our system confirmed the feedback was delivered back in October. Please verify your spam section as well.