Seller Requirements

Hi, I recently had my application rejected for becoming a seller on the store. I’m just after some clarity, as I’d like to futher understand where I have gone wrong and what needs to be improved.

Given reason: “Model(s) technical reach undermines marketplace value proposition / Content considered unsuitable for sale”

I’m not entierly sure what this means, if you can give me an explanation, I would highly appreciate it.

Hey thanks for reaching out!
Our feedback to beginner artists is that they take some extra time before applying for a seller status as there’s some market considerations to take into account:

  • When using models created from Youtube tutorials, please iterate on your application you do not intent to monetize or sell them. Otherwise that will result on the rejection reasoning above.

  • Understand that models with easily reproducible features have a very rare/low sales margin. As stated on our sellers handbook, please read it carefully and invest more time in learning new 3D modeling techniques before reapplying.


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