Selling fan art?


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So… You can make a 3d model based on someone else’s intellectual property, mark it appropriately and then sell it for your own profit?

That’s… Cool, but of questionable legality… :confused:

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Seriously, is… Is this legal? If I put up a model like that for sale, could I be faced with something worse than a takedown like them asking for a compensation fee that I can’t afford?

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I’ve looked around more and found mention of people getting takedowns, but nothing worse.

And all the examples of copyright infringement that came up were about ripped game models. What I’m talking about is a completely original, made from scratch model. But in the likeness of something under copyright.

I’m seeing people selling anime character figures and stuff like that.



Selling fan art and other copyrighted IP is fine, but you must select the Editorial license.

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Thank you so much for responding. I tend to do a lot of fan art type stuff with Blender, so this is really good news for me.

And if any company has something to say about it, I’ll be glad if it’s just a takedown notice and not a fine.


Yep, we have a DMCA takedown process for such situations.