Selling feature appeared out of nowhere, but?

I was thinking about applying to become a seller… later, after uploading more things.
However, today, the selling button appeared out of nowhere on my models image

So, I thought, maybe there is no need to apply anymore ?
I looked into linking paypal, and there I noticed that the “link” button does not appear under my account, no reference to Paypal whatsoever.

Also, is the ability to become a seller available for free accounts ?


I just got that feature too. I’m guessing that people who has used Sketchfab for a while will automatically unlock the ability to sell models. I could be wrong though.

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I checked both your accounts and you don’t have Seller access, so this looks like a UX bug. I’ll report it to our web team.

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We fixed the UI bug. Now if you are not a seller, you will be able to see the Paid feature, but it will invite you to apply to become a seller instead of failing silently.

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