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Selling self-created 3d models of Fanart in the Sketchfab store


(Tori Chibi) #1

I went looking through the store rules and didn’t see anything about this, so apologies if its somewhere else!

I wanted to check to see if selling my own, self created 3d models of fan created content was allowed. Such as a Master Sword model from Zelda or even a self modeled and rigged character model of Spyro.

Another similar situation is if I have permission from a concept artist to sell a 3d model based on their 2d concept, would that be allowed in the store?

From looking over the rules its clear its mostly supposed to be content created by the uploader but wanted to double check on fan-made content. Thanks!


Hi there,

Good questions!

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. This is not legal advice, just my current understanding.

Fan art:

If the fan art was fully created by you, but you do not own the intellectual property, it is still allowed on the Store, but it must be sold under the Editorial license.

3D model based on 2D concept art

If you have permission from the original artist to use your derivative 3D model for commercial purposes, it is allowed on the Store under the Standard license. If you do not, it could still be allowed on the Store under the Editorial license. This is a bit of a grey area, however, as the original artist still may be able to claim moral rights to the work. If in any doubt, I would recommend creating a written agreement with the artist.