Semi Transparent Textures?


(Ndrakey) #1

Can anyone tell me how to achieve transparent textures? For example a leave on a rectangular 2d object. where you only see the leave shape.

(Dark Minaz) #2

create a alpha for it (black + white) and add that as texture under transparency.
or if you have a png with a alpha in it.

that will turn out like this then

Halloween - a nice Place for an eternal Rest by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(blood and co are made this way)

(Ndrakey) #3

Bubble - testing transparency options by ndrakey on Sketchfab

ok transparency doesnt seem to be much of a deal. Found out how it works. thank you dark_minaz for your help. So far only Alpha blending works for me. Alpha masking doesnt have good gradients i find. But anyways thank you!

(Stephomi) #4

AlphaMasking is the same as cutout.

(Dark Minaz) #5

Yeah, depends on what you need it for. Cutout or more of a blend.
But happy to help out :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #6

Adding my 2 cent:
Alha masking has proper z-sorting while alpha blending doesn't.
Which means if you layer lots of alpha blended meshes (for hair, fur, foliage) it might look "wrong" + performance might suffer due to overdraw.
While alpha masked objects can't do soft blending the sorting and better performance are its strong side :smile: