Sense of rotation

(Joris Sparenberg) #1

I have embeded some models with autostart and turntable mode enabled.
One is rotating clockwise the other is rotating counterclockwise.
is there a way to predict the sense of rotation?


Hi, can you please post the model URLs?

Could be a rotated axis, or a bug, I'll have to take a closer look.

(Joris Sparenberg) #3

Hi James

Thank you for your reply.

I should like to keep the models "hidden" for some time.
Is it possible to sent the links directly to you?

Kind regards,

Joris Sparenberg


Of course! You can send me a private message here on the forum or send me an email:

(Stephomi) #5

The direction of autospin is computed so that it rotates in the same direction as the initial camera animation.


Try setting &camera=0

(Joris Sparenberg) #7

The model with the DOWN-ward rotation [corkscrew rule] has no adjustments on the x, y, or z axis.

I cannot see what kind of file [.stl or .wrl] i have used for the model with the DOWN-ward rotation.
I have found out that using .wrl files get better rendering results than .stl in sketchfab for some of my models.

Can the sense of rotation be influenced by settings when exporting a solidworks-file to .stl or .wrl files?

Kind regards,

Joris Sparenberg


@joris_sparenberg - nothing you do during upload should affect the rotation direction. I'm not even sure that adjusting X Y Z axes after upload will affect it - it changes the up-axis, but it should still rotate the same way.

@stephomi - something buggy is going on...I've created a ticket.

1) camera=0 (usually) reverses the direction, which is unexpected.
2) the model above rotates the "wrong" way, regardless of camera parameter.