Sentinnarius - robot model

(Harukitsune) #1

Here is a model I made a while ago in blender, to wich I decided to give life wink.
Some pictures:

another one:

The 3d model:

Sentinnarius - Minion guardian by harukitsune on Sketchfab

P.S: You've noticed it, I didn't bake the textures because I wanted to test with 3d settings( and my PC isn't pwerful enough to bake the textures as I want them smile.)

(Stephomi) #2

Nice !
If you don't have any textures, you can try the PBR rendering ( then disable the ponctual lights and use only the environment as a light source).
The metalness value should be 0 or 1 (not in between). By playing with the roughness slider and the environment I think you can get closer to your blender rendering smile )

(Harukitsune) #3

Thanks for the advice, I've turned the shading into PBR rendering. It sure looks better in my opinion smile .

(Stephomi) #4

Nice smiley .
The black rendering stuffs on the hand is probably a bug on our side (it only happens in PBR), we'll try to fix it.