Serious Security Concerns

(Talavaj) #1

So I have been using Sketchfab for a while and I just found out, and have been blown away by the fact that just searching my user name in a search engine yields full resolution image files of my assets.

This is a serious security issue that defeats the purpose of the platform for me. Shouldn't the viewers use encrypted files or proprietary formats at least ?
I can't risk putting any assets on the website if they can be easily ripped by just performing a simple google search.

A number of publishers use the platform to promote premium content or their games, this is kind of unacceptable.

(Bart) #2

Hey @talavaj,

hmm, I agree that doesn't sound right. I can't really reproduce your issue here though, could you mail me more information in private? That's Please include your search terms etc. We'll look in to it!


(Bart) #3

Hi @talavaj,

our security team just deployed a fix to prevent all models assets from being index by search engine from now on. Eventually, older assets should disappear from Google's index, but we have no control over this process, so we can't give an estimate on how long this would take.

(Punkoffice) #4

you can also download everyones files through your browsers Developer Tools. Well, you can see the textures, not sure about the mesh.

(Bart) #5

You won't be able to easily download the mesh, we're preventing that. Good point about those textures though, we're looking in to that.

(Punkoffice) #6

well from that I've learnt that none of the other 3D scanners use normal maps hehe I seem to be the only one

(Bart) #7

Does your scanner software generate them automatically or do you bake them yourself?

(Punkoffice) #8

I gotta bake it myself. I don't know of any scanning software that does it.

(Rbr) #9

To bring a little more to the subject models arent really ever protected as long as gpu drawcalls can be captured, My suggestion is to not publicly post models you dont want ripped.