Service for laser scanning / photogrametry and real world 3D model generation

(Bpetkovic) #1

We offering services for:

  • Laser scanning
  • Photogrammetry scanning / model generation
  • 3D model generation
  • Point cloud comparison
  • Point cloud noise reduction
  • Point cloud classification etc...
  • Large area scanning monitoring
  • People scanning for game characters

Please look some of our models - they are all real world 3D models obtained with laser scanner or by photogrammetry methods.
Some of our models:

Leon model in Sremski Karlovci:

Lav Sremski Karlovci by bpetkovic on Sketchfab

Monumetn - Banj Brdo:

Sehitluci by bpetkovic on Sketchfab

Rest models you can look at this address:

Low cost 3D model can be obtained very easily and accurately. We are based in countries of Western Balkan (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Monte Negro) but we also can make models in other countries so please fell free to contact us for information about yours projects.