Set folder image / model?

(Codame) #1

How do we specify which model / screenshot is used for the folder preview image? Thanks!


A folder's thumbnail preview is most recently uploaded model in the folder. You could specify it by uploading the model you want as the preview. I'm not sure that re-uploading would work, it probably needs to be a new model upload.

(3Digify) #3

It would be great to be able to select a representative model for the folder manually. Having always the most recently uploaded model is not always the best choice smile

(Lindehydraulics) #4

I agree and would totally apreciate the opportunity to manually select the folder preview image.

(Simon Kratz) #5

Supporting this request, too. Sometimes a model is way more representative for the content inside a folder than a written description. But it's a bit "out of control" if only the latest upload is shown in the preview.
If we were able to choose a model I'd probably create one just to serve as folder preview smile