Set Orientation and Brightness of Environment via API


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Is that a way to set the orientation and the brightness of environment via API? I asked the question about a year ago but the answer was no.

I am wondering if there is any update.

How to set background environment orientation with API
Set Brightness Parameter via API


I’m afraid it’s still not possible through the official /v3/ Data API.

You can probably do it using the old /v2/ API, but this is not officially supported and may change without warning.

If you want to look into it, I would recommend checking the network requests and payloads for the PATCH request that happens when you save settings in the editor, although those will be using the internal /i/ API.

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Hi, I have a question about setting environment brightness via API. I couldn’t find how to do it either in the documentation or in Swagger UI. Is there any way to set that parameter via the API? Thanks!

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Hi @bellus3d,

Sadly we do not yet expose a parameter to achieve this. Our exposed options are currently pretty limited, we're considering adding new ones in the near future.

I will keep you posted if/when we add such a parameter.



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Hi Fred,

I posted the discussion half a year ago and I want to know if you have any upgrade about set brightness via API.

Our company is working on 3D face scanning. We are going to ship our mass-produced face camera by end of 2017. One important feature of our face camera app is allowing users to upload their face models to sketchfab and share them in social media. However, we are not able to expose this feature if we can not set the brightness of models via API. The face models will not look good with arbitrary brightness.


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didn’t find it in the documentation

guessing around {‘environment’: {‘uid’ : ‘uid’, ‘orientation’ : ‘120’}}

no luck though


We have not included it yet, but I'll pass on the feedback ( cc @tribble42 )

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Thanks a lot. It's kind of important and urgent for us, since we got too many models to fix the lighting.


Can you shoot me a PM with details? Maybe I can do something for you on my end.

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already did. Any updates?


I’ve merged the 3 threads together into our new Feature Request board.

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Hi James,

Thanks for the tip. I’m able the orientation and brightness via API v2 now.