Set/Patch 3D Settings via Data API

Hi All!

I see this has been discussed numerous times, but I’m wondering if there is a current method/workaround to modify the 3D settings of a model when uploading via the Data API.

I would like to set things like the environment, environment brightness, and change some material shader settings. Being able to set post processing filters would be amazing also!

I saw in the past this may have been possible via the v2 Data API, is this still a working approach?

I’ll be uploading 1,000+ models, and need to set settings to a handful of different settings, so if there is a way to set presets via the Data API I could make this work also.

I think I speak for many when I pray we can get these features! Thank you in advance.

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This API feature does not exist anymore. But I fully support this request. Applying lighting/material/post settings to models with the data API would be more than welcome.