setCameraLookAt broken?

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Hi Gents,

While making updates to my utility I noticed the abstraction that uses your " setCameraLookAt" function was not behaving properly. I then went to look at you actual code sample page and even that seems to be buggy.

I tried with 1.5.1 and 1.4.2, seems broken on both versions

@james ps there is a typo in the docs for " annotationMouseEnter"

it seems to have the same console message as mouse leave, eg :

console.log('Leaving annotation ’ + index);

chat soon

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Thanks for the report, though I’m not sure what is not working ?
The sample linked works here: camera orbit the “eye” upon mouse moves ?

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for me it is only rotating on yaw and it is facing backwards. I noticed only if I move my mouse in a very tiny area around the absolute center of the eye does it face forward , and maybe also get a slight bit of pitch. Otherwise vertical mouse movements dont affect pitch, only yaw. Im using chrome Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit) Tested in firefox and same issue.

Perhaps looking at my utility example may show something more , i know it is not your raw api code , but this was a fully working example for many months already. which now does not work correctly :

It used to move and look at the selected object from the selected direction with a small offset added. Now it seems to go to very bizarre positions. The direction is correct. but the position of the camera is messed up. I have not worked on anything relating to this , but I will check to see if maybe I broke something.

For your own api example I can make a video for you if you like

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