Setting camera for multiple scenes

Hi is there a way to set same start camera location for multiple scenes?

Im making product examples/variations, i used duplicated features to create quite a few scenes. Then I stupidly pressed “save view” on one thinking it was just going to save a clean jpg, instead it saves the start location. Now I have one thats out of place… is there anything I can do?

Also why does “save view” button on normal viewer saves start location? surely that should only be set in settings? other wise its way too easy to mess up files… i can imagine clients pressing it thinking it would save them a jpg to take away.

Sorry for the confusion. We keep the Save View button on the regular model page as an easy way to update the thumbnail and default view. Maybe it would make sense to only be in the editor :thinking:

You could use our Presets script to copy camera settings from one model to another:

Sketchfab Editor Presets (Scene, Lights, Post-Processing Filters, Materials)

By the way, if you are interested in generating images of your models from Sketchfab, you can use the Screenshot Generator:


Hi James thanks for the links they are VERY helpful!

I think because the button has a camera icon on it, it makes it very misleading thinking its a screenshot button.
Also, how often does one need to update thumbnail? I think it will make a lot more sense for those kind of settings to stay in settings.
I had a couple of client meetings recently and they are all really impressed with sketchfab system as they’ve never seen anything like it before, and being inquisitive, they do press every button just to see what happens.
Please remove it or at least have a confirmation before overwriting default view. Otherwise I have to log out every time before showing a client to stop them from pressing the button.


Understood, thanks for the feedback. Theoretically, you would only need to set the thumbnail / default view once. Possibly never, as we automatically generate it.