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Does anybody know if it is possible to separate a model in Wavefront format (.obj) file directly? Or in a different/simpler way than using Blender?

I downloaded the octahedra model that shaderbytes posted in the post quoted above and I can see the different nodes in Blender, but if I export the model to .obj and upload it to SF, then I will see unnamed names again (with node type: Geometry).

I am asking this because I have a model made with another software where I only have the .obj export option. I would like to not need to learn Blender to have the model uploaded to sketchfab with distinct node names.

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As far as I know OBJ format does not support mesh hierarchies. You will have to import your obj into some other 3D application and export a FBX file or use the sketchfab exporter if one exists for that app. If you dont know how to use any other 3d software than I'm afraid there is not easy way for you to do this.


I don't know how it will handle the Node names, but you can upload multiple, separate OBJ files along with an empty file called sketchfab.zbrush and we will concatenate the OBJs into a single scene. Might be worth a shot.

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Thank you for the replies, I can't try James suggestion for the moment (my subscription to that software expired so I can't export) but when I do I'll confirm if it worked.

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You really should just put some effort into learning the basics of blender .. its free .. and there are a ton of videos showing how to do basic things on youtube :wink:

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Maya is free as well, no need to drive a Skoda when there is a free Ferrari parked in the driveway :wink:

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Can I programmatically add a sketchfab model inside another sketchfab model using javascript api? Maybe this could be a workaround for lack of hyerarchy in .obj.

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Nope, this can’t be done with the sketchfab API I’m afraid.