Settings transparent texture

(Quadriceps) #1

I would like to write an Engraving text to a Sketchfab model using the Sketchfab API..

My idea was to generate an PNG image, with the text, and set the texture of the designated area for the text to that image.. the PNG is transparent, apart from the text, but in sketchfab, the texture is not transparent.. but greyish.. Does anybody have a clue if its possible, or how to set the transparancy.. or maybe even has a better way to do this?


(Stephomi) #2

Can you paste the code your code or your example?

You have to set the texture on the right material channel, which is "Opacity".

(Quadriceps) #3

Thanks... i dont understand why... but it works..

(Stephomi) #4

Because in 3d, we don't know if a png is "transparent" or "not".

A png is just a set of 4 components : RGBA.
The A channel can represent transparency but also metalness, roughness, etc...

So the transparency part of your material has to be explicitly with the "Opacity" channel.
Note that we have many users who store opacity texture as a greyscale map, that's why we need a separate channel for opacity.