Setup and change camera view

(Marc7) #1

Hi to all,
there is a tutorial with which I can set up different Cameras View (Top, Front, etc) in the Viewer API and set this change with javascrip commands in the browser?

Can cameras be imported from a model made with software like 3d Studio, etc?


(Klaasnienhuis) #2

Here’s an example where you can set different views and also print the current view to the console:
Camera data doesn’t import from 3dsmax into sketchfab.

(Marc7) #3

Many Thanks,
it is very helpful.

So positioning must be empirical, for try?

I hope that the development team will help to set the positioning of the views in the models or that allows to import the cameras with some file formats.

(Klaasnienhuis) #4

Indeed, in my projects I usually create camera positions with this approach.
Sketchfab doesn’t really have a multiple camera concept. there’s one camera and you just move it around. the closest thing would be the annotations.
@james what do you think about cameras from an fbx file which are automatically available as annotation locations?


Importing cameras from files is in our feature request tracker, but it’s not something we’ve really looked into yet.